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How to setup your Video Wall Software

Get your Corollarium video wall system online in minutes with our detailed tutorial below


This is a tutorial for setting up your video wall software. It's very easy to setup, whether it's a 2x2 or 3x3 video wall to a dynamic format.

Install server

Download server from our home page for you operating system. Install the package locally. Windows has an installer, Linux just needs to be unpacked.

Open the server (on Windows click it, on Linux run the 'videowallserver' application on a terminal). It should open a page on your favorite web browser. If not check the message for the link to open.

Remember that the Videowall uses networking for communication, so you need to allow it to open ports 2000 and 2001 if you have a firewall.

Create screens

Your first task is to create your video wall screens. Open the "Screens" menu entry. Resize the area to your expected videowall size; you can change this later if you need, so a rough guess is fine. Click to create screens, and drag them to where you want. The video below shows how this is done. You can use the "Fit Button" in the end to ensure that the screens use all available space.

Alternatively you can also create several screens at once with the "Add many" tool. You can pick the number of rows and columns to quickly have your screens positioned in a matrix.

You can use the editor on the left to fine tune the position. Any changes to the videowall will be reflected immediately, so you can easily fix minor differences once the screens are installed. The trial version allows you to create any number of screens, but you can only save two.

When you are done here, save it.

Add media and playlists

Next you need to add something to play on your video wall. Go to the "Media" page. On the left is the playlist you are creating, and on the right the media you have. Upload a video or image to get started and add to your playlist.

Run clients and assign them to screens

At this point you can run the clients. Remember, you will run one client per screen.

Connected clients will show up on the "Map" tab when they connect. This page allows you to assign a physical device to the correct screen, as shown in the video below.

This page also allows you to show information on the screens, like their names, a calibration pattern, and for some devices even turn screens on and off.

Start your playlist

You can control your videowall content on the "Player" page. As clients connect they will show up and the red plug on each screen will become green.

On the top grey screen you can choose what plays on the full videowall, and below you can optionally play content on individual screens. A preview with the thumbnail will always be shown, so you know the current media even if away from the video wall.

Where to go next?

Your videowall is up and running! If you are a developer who wants to integrate our video wall software with other systems, read the REST API documentation here.

Buy a license and get your videowall working right now. You will be redirected to the Corollarium website for the checkout and payment. Distributors and resellers please contact us.

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