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Corollarium Videowall software management screen Corollarium Videowall software management screen

From design to preview in 2 minutes and a half.

Example of Corollarium video wall running
Example of Corollarium video wall running
Example of Corollarium video wall running
Example of Corollarium video wall running

What is Corollarium Videowall

Video wall is a group of screens that work together to form one large screen

  • Design your video wall freely

    Any screen size. Any spacing. Any rotation. No limit to your resolution.
  • Ultra fast, ultra simple

    Everything is setup and controlled by a simple web interface. Use standard displays and PC systems. One software to install.
  • Stream cameras and screens from other devices

    From any device running Windows, MacOS or Linux without installing anything.
  • Control from your application

    We provide a REST API. Integrate with your application and IoT devices.
  • Video wall media player

    Organize videos, images and stream sources easily. Add them to playlists.
  • Picture in picture

    Choose what is playing on all your video wall screens or in just one of them.

Video Wall Display Design

A new multimedia experience.

Our videowall software makes several physical screens behave as one big display.

Let your creativity flow and arrange your screens in anyway you wish.

Different screen sizes, rotated screens.

Set it up in minutes with our intuitive interface.

From a 2x2 video wall or 3x3 video wall to complex designs with many screens.

Rearrange your screens in real time.

Use them on many applications: events, show, fashion, museums, games, technology and more.

Real time preview, real time communication.

Control your content with a click

Easy management

Display media on the fullscreen, with all screens at once

Display picture in picture, with a different content on a single screen

Photos, videos, cameras, screencasts: all kinds of content

Virtual screens: map a subset of screens to specific content [under development]

See what is playing on the screens

A simple and effective videowall solution for network operations centers

Video wall screen player

Media Center

All your content in one place

Control everything from a smartphone or tablet

Create multiple playlists with drag and drop

Upload images and videos

Add screencasts and cameras

Add videos from Youtube, Vimeo and others

Automate your tasks

Schedule actions on your video wall

Schedule actions at preset times

Turn screens on and off automatically

Change playlists and display messages

Do you need even more flexibility? Use our API and control any aspect of the videowall

Video wall cron
Example of Corollarium video wall running
Example of Corollarium video wall running
Example of Corollarium video wall running

Stream and screencast

Show any application on your videowall with a couple of clicks

Screencast applications or the whole desktop from any computer with a couple of clicks

Portable: screencast from Windows, Linux or Mac without installing anything

Stream from video cameras too

Very low delay: tens of microseconds

Screencast from Android and iPhone under development

Easy setup

No more hassle

Do it all with a simple interface

Easily assign map physical screens to content

Quickly identify screens with labels

Display the same content on multiple screens

Apply calibration patterns for easy verification

Client runs natively on Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Android [to be released]

Video wall screen mapping


Download and test for free. You will need an account at Corollarium to finish your download. Check the tutorial to learn how to setup your video wall in minutes.

Running Ubuntu? See instructions for our APT repository:
  1. Add the repository: sudo add-apt-repository 'deb [arch=amd64] amd64/'
  2. Install the server: sudo apt install videowallserver
  3. Install the client: sudo apt install videowallclient

Are you a devop with a large installation base? Or do you want a zero-maintenance videowall server? Use our Ansible installer and have your servers ready in minutes with zero maintenance.


You will be redirected to the Corollarium website for the checkout and payment. Distributors and resellers please contact us.

Buy a license

Choose the number of screens that you need and select the desired currency.
  • Videowall gold version
    • All you get in silver version
    • Picture in picture
    • Rotate screens in any angle
    • Stream cameras and windows from any computer
    • Schedule actions, like turning screens on and off
    • REST API to integrate with other software

  • Total price: $ 0.00


Questions everybody ask us. And some more.

What can Corollarium Videowall be used for?
Digital signage, large screen installations, operation centers, advertisement, control rooms and more.
Can I buy Corollarium Videowall?
Yes. Buy online right now!
How does your video wall controller works?
There is a small server software that handles content and user interface, communicating to client software that runs on Linux, Windows, Android or Raspberry Pis.
Where is the REST API documentation?
Read the REST API documentation here.
Are there plans for resellers and distributors?
Yes. Contact us.
How does licensing work?
You get a license for a number of screens. You can use fewer screens than your license allows too, but not more.
Do I need a PC to control the system?
Yes, you need a PC running Microsoft Windows or Linux. You can use a tablet or phone to send shoot commands (so the PC can be just a server hidden from view), but the PC is necessary to control everything and process data.
How does screencast work?
You can screencast from Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac using a regular browser. Screencasting from iPhone and Android are planned for the future.
Is it easy to install?
Yes, it was designed to be easy and fast to install. Software takes only a few seconds to install and be running.
Do you provide customer support?
Yes, we have full customer technical support for any bugs, and we can customize the software to your needs too.


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State of the art technology

Videowall is a product developed by Corollarium.
We build technology at Corollarium. We designed our software and hardware to make sure our system is reliable and efficient. State of the art technology for multiple view image acquisition and processing.

We can customize Videowall to your needs. We develop software for image processing, data visualization, virtual and augmented reality, web and mobile applications. Contact us!